Solway's Internet TV and Radio

Solway's Internet TV and Radio 2.14

Streams radio and TV channels in real time on PC
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Watch TV channels and listen to audio stations on your computer and record audio from streams. Not all the available links work as intended.

Many commercial and independent TV and radio channels broadcast through the Internet. The problem is that for listening/watching them one needs to open the station's website and go through it to locate the respective player. This program is an attempt to ease this process. It features a nice interface with a list of TV channels and radio stations. In theory, you only need to choose the channel/station you want to open and double-click on its name. The program should start receiving the streaming music/images. This is not true in all cases. Several of the radio stations appear offline and thus, you cannot listen to them. The case of the TV channels is rather worse; I couldn't open any of them.
You can add more TV and radio channels easily, which can be an advantage; nevertheless, you must go through the painstaking process of locating the site of the channel you want to add, copy its stream URL and add it to the program. You decide if it's worth the effort.
On the brighter side, the program has a built-in recorder that lets you record sound stream directly to MP3, WMA or OGG and choose the quality level of the output file.
The program needs RealPlayer to be installed in your system for achieving full functionality. If you don''t have it, you will be notified and a link to RealPlayer website will appear, thus allowing you to download and install it.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Nice interface
  • It has a sound recorder


  • Not all the radio and TV chanels work all the time
  • The TV channel selection is rather limited
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